CollectiX EndPlasticSoup cleanup challenge Bosnia-Herzegovina

In February 2021 the Cleanup Mission with the CollectiX garbage collection boat took place at the Viségrad Dam in the River Drina, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
This was a very important challenging start of the end plastic waste in this very polluted area. We got lots of attention from the press, the regional authorities and the national government of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Media attention was given by the Washington Post and national papers and news channels in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Germany and Norway.
The action has been done by Everwave and was supported a.o. by Berky, Landmarken AG, Rotary Aachen and serves as a preparation for follow-on projects with EndPlasticSoup. Currently cleanup actions take place on the river Danuba in Servia and we plan to start the follow-on project in Bosnia-Herzegovina in November 2021 and include education, awareness and an improvement to the waste management system.



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