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A donation to Solar Safe Water contributes to health, wealth and the environment

Do good for people in need and the planet.

Take action and donate! Make an important contribution to all Rotary’s 7 areas of focus. Together we show that Rotary is relevant and powerful for the future of our planet.

Clicking on the Donation button, takes you directly to the Solvatten foundation and the project in Kenya.

If you are donating from a club or as a individual rotarian, please write CLUB NAME and DISTRICT NUMBER under messages.

Payments are managed by DonorBox,

SLL certified, in cooperation with PayPal.




Click here to get your Holiday Gift Card or Proof of Donation.

You can use your proof of donation on your homepage, on social meda and in your email signature.

How do we know that the Solvatten heaters really reach families in need?

Each device has an ID number that is registered on the user. In addition, a smart data collection tool is used to closely monitor how the units are distributed and used, and also to send data for follow-up.

Calculate your club’s impact here:

Follow the link by clicking on the picture to the right. And the link will take you to a Google sheet where you can calculate the impact of your donation. Just enter your donations in USD in the yellow cell and you will see the full impact.

See the impact of all of Rotary’s donations here.

Together We Fix The Planet.