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About Seedology
Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic that hit our country and around the world, there has been a challenge for people to obtain food because of financial challenges and food shortages. We investigated our own city and we reached out to two non-profit organizations to see their own challenges amidst the pandemic. Cobbs Exotic Animal Rescue & Education Foundation (CEAR) provides exotic animals, such as Kangaroos and Alpacas, a safe home and they rely heavily on monetary and food donations. The Leftovers (Rescue Food) Foundation, which delivers food to families across Calgary, also faced hardships on barely getting food donations throughout the pandemic. This gave us the idea to start our own community garden, Seedology, at the Cobbs Adventure Park. With this project, we have given the opportunity for our own members to still be able to volunteer as a lot of them feel very disconnected with people and that their mental health has worsened since the pandemic started.



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