We are net ZER0 HEROES, 6 grade 11 students at Our Lady of The Snows Catholic Academy. We are a part of our school's synthetic biology team hoping to compete in IGEM 2021. As part of the sustainability portion of our project, we have been working on designing an app for sustainable event planning.

Currently, attending events, whether it be work events, school events, or leisure events, are a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. This is because many of these events require travel and greenhouse gas emissions are greatly released by flying, staying at hotels, etc. But many people do not have a clear understanding on the amount of greenhouse gases that they emit by going to these events, or on ways that they can lower these numbers, as it is often difficult to know where to look for this information. Our team decided to tackle this issue by developing a sustainable event planning app called CO2 EASY.

Our sustainable event planning app will be a registration type app in which attendees can find out the greenhouse gasses that they will emit through attending said events, as well as ways to offset these emissions and seek greener alternatives (like hotels and restaurants) that they can choose from instead.

We are currently working together, with the help of mentors, to develop a prototype for this app.

Thank you for watching our video!



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