Solar Safe Water

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Donate for access to safe water, health, wealth and the environment

Make an important contribution to all Rotary’s 7 areas of focus. Together we show that Rotary is relevant and powerful for the future of our planet.

Let people know that your club, or you, have contributed to the Solar Safe Water Challenge by adding a proof of donation on your homepage, in social media or in your email. You can also download a Solar Safe Water gift card. Read more here.


For $145 or 131 EUR, you donate one heater supporting one family with 5-6  persons with hot and safe water for 7 years.

Follow us to see what an impact Rotary can do for PEOPLE and PLANET

Check back here to see the growing numbers of families Rotarians are providing with hot and safe water through this initiative, started August 25, 2021. And, as a side effect, how many trees that are saved, and tonnes of greenhous gases that are prevented. See the full impact here.

ESRAG and WASH-RAG are challenging the entire Rotary family to support Solvatten’s project in Kenya and the province of Tharaka.

One Solvatten solar safe water heater, supports one family with hot and safe water for 7 years. In addition, using it cuts the family’s carbon emissions, saves habitats and the family benefits in health, equality and wealth.

450,000 people in 40 countries are today using the Solvatten award-winning innovation, promoted by UN and WWF among many others.

The Solvatten heater’s great impact on sustainable development according to UN’s Agenda 2030 are amazing. And it also support Rotary’s all 7 area of focus.

Challenge: How many families can Rotary give access to hot & safe water in Tharaka Kenya?

1,000? 5,000? Or even 10,000 families?

One heater supports one family. What is the impact of 10,000 heaters?

  • 10,000 families have access to hot and safe water for 7 years (lifetime)
  • 500,000 trees are saved
  • 70,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are prevented
  • The 10,000 families will avoid 3,000,000 sick days
  • The 10,000 families save $10,000,000

The Solar Safe Water Challenge can be a transformative innovations for sustainable development. It powers sustainable development socially, environmentally and economically. In fact, Solvatten heaters support all Rotary’s areas of focus, as well as the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN’s Agenda 2030. This project exemplifies how human and environmental wellbeing are interconnected.

Solar Safe Water support all Rotary’s 7 areas of focus, and…

… Agenda 2030, UN’s goals for sustainable development.

Rotary can make a major impact for PEOPLE and PLANET.

This challenge offers an easy way for Rotarians across the globe to unite and take action to create lasting change, socially, environmentally and economically.

Using Solvatten heaters will clearly show how everything is interconnected: safe water are related to climate change, air pollution, loss of habitats and biodiversity, equity, health and wealth. All numbers are taken from experience of the Kenya project started in 2017.

 Are you ready to join?

See the full webinar from the 25th of August and learn all about it.